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Great Questions of the Bible 6

Through this series of looking at some of the great questions in the Bible, I have been trying to answer the question posed, and give a reasonable exposition of the scripture at the same time. When it comes to the Book of Job, and the question posed by Job’s wife, I am left with more […]

Great Questions of the Bible 5

The first question from God that we find in scripture, is in Genesis 3:9, and is addressed to Adam — “Where are you?” That topic was well covered in a recent sermon by Koen, and needs no addition here. But God then turned his attention to Eve, and asked, “What is this that you have […]

Great Questions of the Bible 4

The Bible is somewhere that we should go to find answers to how we should live our lives, how we can become closer to God, how we can better know Jesus, and a whole lot of other things. It is really interesting then that the Bible asks so many questions. I am not talking about […]

Great Questions of the Bible 3

I thought I would continue the theme I started two issues ago, by considering some of the questions asked in scripture. This time, I delve into one of my favourite parts of scripture, The Psalms. Psalm 13 begins with four questions, each of which is translated in the English Standard Version (ESV) as, “How long?” […]

Great Questions of the Bible 2

I was going to call this article, “Not so great questions …” but decided to leave it as it is because, this is a question you and I might ask; not in the same context, but with the same underlying thought. God had told Moses to go to Pharaoh, “that you may bring my people, […]

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