Well what a month March has been! John Clunas from the USA,
London City Mission, Brian Dunning from York, and to cap it all
off, a baptism service with amazing testimony from each of the
five members of Hebron who were baptised! However, I do feel
that April will be just as good with the Bassenfell Church
Weekend, followed by Good Friday service and the whole Easter

We are looking forward to the Church weekend away, which to
many is the highlight of the church calendar. Paul Clayton will be
our speaker for the weekend, and we look forward to hearing
from him.

The weekend after Bassenfell is Easter weekend. Following on
from the success of last year, we are having a communion
service on Good Friday as well as opening the church to the
community. If you are able to join us, then please do as we
reflect on the events of the crucifixion.

On Monday 28th, we have a special service where Marijan Nihof
from the Hiding Place Orphanage in Albania will speak to us.
The bible study will be cancelled that evening to free up those
who would like to attend.

Ian Smith, from GLO, will be joining us for the day on the 27th.
Please note that as it is the Easter holidays there will be no
Pathfinders or P@thos.