For many, September is a new start. The new academic year
means new challenges, and new places. This month we say ‘see
you later’ to Gerard and Hilde as they go off to their respective
Universities. It is a sad time for us, and we will miss them, but
an exciting time for them both. Please remember them in your
prayers, as well as Koen and Karen who will have to get used to
a much quieter home. We also get to see some new faces too,
we welcome Fiona and Abi to our fellowship. We pray for others
who are moving into the area, that they may find a church that
they can call their own.

Our Autumn programme kicks into gear this month, with the
recommencement of Pathfinders, Pathos, Ladies Meeting, and
the bible studies after the summer holidays. Its good to have
everything back up and running.

On Thursday night, we welcome John Speirs from CMCT,
Chennai, India. This should be a brilliant night, and encourage
you to come along if you can.

We look forward to Kevin Hornsby joining us on the 14th in the
evening, along with our own Ian Jacobs taking the evening
service on the 28th!