It’s great that David and Brigitte Sutherland from France will be joining us on the 3rd May. We also have Paul Clayton and Sandy Gal coming to speak at our Evening service.

We are running a CAP money course on three Wednesday evenings this month. This course is open to anyone to come along and find out how to manage your money. More information is on the back of this bulletin.

Also this month see the launch of an evangelistic movement called Try Praying in our churches across Stockton. The premise of this movement is for people to be given a free booklet all about praying. Most people have prayed in the past and it uses that fact as a door into the gospel message. The culmunation of this, is a churches together service on the 24th in the Parish gardens at 2:30 with a free BBQ starting at 12:30.

Please pray for both these initiatives for our local area. These will be a great way to get people more engaged with our church and open up opportunities to spread the gospel.

Please note that from the 12th May, there will be no indoor bowls in the evening, as they move to outdoor bowls instead. It is also half-term the last week of May, therefore there is no Pathfinders or P@thos.