Remember, remember the 5th of November, the time that the whole
nation goes “uhhh” “ahhhh” “woooow” as fireworks light up the sky.
Due to the Firework Display in Stockton, please note that the prayer
meeting will be 8:30 on the 5th. !
This month sees us continue with our series both in the Breaking of
Bread and the Evening Services. At the end of the month, there is
another collective church service at the Tab. Previous services have
been great. They have given us the opportunity to hear what is going
on in our community and to get together as the church of Stockton and
to pray and worship with one another. !
November always seems a quiet month, in the run up to December. So
in timely fashion, here are two things to look out for next month.
Mainly, as they happen the first weekend so mentioning them only in
next months bulletin may be too late. !
First off, is the Food Bank collection weekend. The Food Bank does
an amazing job and is a real blessing to have it at our church. Once
every few months, Tesco’s allows us to camp outside their doors and
encourage people to donate food. Please, if you can spare an hour or
two, then let Andrea know, who then can make sure that this event is
well covered. !
Secondly, on the 5th December it is the Great Hebron Bake-Off.
Inspired by the hit TV series on BBC, we are having a charity night to
raise money for Tearfund. These evenings have always been well
attended in the past, with lots of lovely food and cake.