The Bible is somewhere that we should go to find answers to how we should live our lives, how we can become closer to God, how we can better know Jesus, and a whole lot of other things. It is really interesting then that the Bible asks so many questions. I am not talking about questions that we might ask about the Bible, but questions that are asked within its pages by God, by Jesus, by angels, or by men.

In the previous three editions of this bulletin, I have dealt briefly with some of these questions. I picked them at random, but now my interest has been piqued and I would like to study these questions for myself, and would like to share some of that with you. With that in mind, what is the very first question asked in Scripture? Surprisingly, the first question appears in Genesis 3:1, and it is the serpent (Satan) who asks it. “Did God actually say, You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?

We know the story, he convinced Eve that by eating of the tree which was forbidden to them, they would be made wise like God. But, look again at that first question. What Satan was trying to do was to get Eve to question and to doubt God’s Word. Right at the beginning of the Bible — here is Satan — undermining God, sowing discord, and promoting doubt. Nothing has changed — he is still doing that today.

(Colin R. Vine)