We believe and teach that…



  • Made the world and loves its peoples
  • Demonstrated his love by sending His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

  • Was born a man and lived among us
  • Died for our sins at Calvary
  • Conquered death by rising again
  • Is alive today at God’s right hand
  • Will come again to receive His church and reign in glory

All people

  • Have sinned and deserve God’s judgement
  • Can be saved only by faith in God and acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary


  • Are those who have trusted God and acknowledged Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord
  • Have become the home of God’s Holy Spirit whose presence is displayed in holiness and good works
  • Are secure in their salvation through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

The Bible

  • Is God’s authoritative message for us, which we wholeheartedly trust
  • Instructs us how to live our lives and how to please God


We Practice…


The Fellowship of Christians

  • We welcome all who share our faith in, and devotion to, our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Together we seek to get to know God better and to grow in our faith

The Lord’s Supper

  • We meet every Sunday morning to remember Him, until He comes again

Believers’ Baptism

  • We baptise by immersion, in the name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit, those who declare their Christian faith

The Preaching of the Gospel

  • We seek to share the Good News of God’s salvation with others