June is a funny month; I guess it’s like the Thursday of months. Almost the weekend/summer holidays – but not quite there yet. June also means exams for those still in education. Hilde will be doing her final A-level exams, and would value your prayers. It also means that people are finishing their university degrees and are moving on. Sadly, we have to say “see you later” to both Mrin and Sophia as they leave us this month. Lets pray for them in the coming months that God will help guide them and help them to settle in the next stage of their careers. They will both be sorely missed by all, I’m sure. This month we have Peter Laidler, Neil Armstrong and John Little visiting to speak to us. Our own Ian Jacobs and the Youth Group make up for the other two evening services. In the Breaking of Bread we will be continuing with our studies in Philippians. At the end of the month, the ladies will be having their annual trip. This year they are going to the Herriot Museum at Thirsk and then to Ampleforth Abbey. I’m sure the ladies are looking forward to it. Please note that during the summer months, carpet bowls will only be on in the morning and not the evening.